[nm_testimonial signature=”Gaz Hughes” company=”Binzruz Ltd” image_id=”196″]Daily user of the Binzruz Aquatek MkII

Having seen the plans and the research that went into the Aquatek range I was expecting a great product.  Having used several other wheelie bin cleaning machines over the years, the Mk2 for me surpasses any machine we have had in the company ever, the 5 stage filtration is simple, easy to clean and very effective. The hydraulic lift means no effort to me and the integrated bin was a key feature. The obvious sleek design and a 500ltr tank is a massive advantage over any machine on the market today but for me, I feel that until you actually use one you won’t fully appreciate its quality.[/nm_testimonial]

[nm_testimonial signature=”Ryan Leslie” company=”Director of Binzruz Ltd and Binzruz Aquatek” image_id=”197″]Daily user of the Binzruz Aquatek MkI

The Binzruz Aquatek range has been a long time coming. Having been dissatisfied with other companies machines over the past few years (despite staff being in favour of those machines), it just was never for me. Poor filtration systems, over-engineered, agricultural built, problematic and overpriced for someone like ourselves who had a budget of up to £8,000 when we started wheelie bin cleaning, I felt there was a market for a new product. So with the help of our staff and a fantastic team of engineers, we designed and created the MkI model, manual lift meaning fewer problems, a 450ltr water tank allowing more cleaning capability and a sleek modern design was just where it started. We then perfected the filtration and there we had it; the MkI, better than anything we had ever owned, and due to its capability for domestic bins (where we feel most companies target audience is for those 1st-time businesses) we could price it at just £7,500. The MkI was our main focus for 2017 and we planned to launch the MkII later around the summer of 2018. However, with the successful feedback for the MkI, we launched the MkII a mere 12 weeks later, offering hydraulic lift, a larger sink, increased water tank and some fantastic added features! Meaning the MkII opens the door for anyone wanting to expand into the commercial market. I personally use the MkI on a daily basis as I like its simplicity and 750kg weight as I can’t even feel it whilst driving the van. However, it’s just as well I prefer the MkI as the MkII is very popular with our staff and I’m not sure I would get it back now even if I wanted to ?[/nm_testimonial]