It was early 2012 when Ryan Leslie, the future director of Binzruz Ltd began working for a local wheelie bin cleaning company (Bins fresh Ltd) who were located in Middlesbrough, in the North East of England. Having quickly learnt the basics, and discovered what changes he could make to better the business Ryan set out after just 5 months of working for Bins fresh and set up his own company, Binzruz Ltd.


It was early 2013 when Binzruz Ltd really started operating. Having spent the previous 12 months gaining knowledge of the industry, the machinery involved and potential improvements, Ryan set out to find a local engineer to custom build a machine, one that Ryan believed would be effective for his plans to grow Binzruz Ltd. Once an engineer was found, the plans were carefully put together, and after much back and forth on ideas and ways to better the prototype, the decision was then made. A 3 stage filtration system, 400ltr water tank, built from a mild steel and painted in a John Deer green. The lifting mechanism was simple, weight assisted to ensure lesser problems on a daily basis. It was later in 2013 where Ryan met some influential contacts, which greatly lead to the expansion and success of Binzruz Ltd, the growth became substantial and throughout 2013 Ryan began to work with some very experienced wheelie bin cleaners and engineers which would see Binzruz Ltd further their success. It was September 2013 when Binzruz Ltd had a second machine built to manage their ever-growing customer base where another member of staff was brought on board to meet the demand of the North East.


In approximately April 2014, Ryan made the decision to exploit the commercial market and rather than spend money investing in an idea that he didn’t have much knowledge in, he invested in a commercial capable trailer. The machine was an electric lifting trailer which has had huge success in the industry. This machine lead to Binzruz Ltd offering commercial cleaning to their portfolio which, once again, increased business growth.


It was in 2015 when things really began to change. Business in 2015 was going strong but Ryan turned his focus to other machinery, having spent over 4 years working with various machines, he invested in another alternate trailer, in a bid to compare them all and figure out what worked and what could be improved, making notes on each of them. The conclusion at the end of 2015 was that although they all did the job, some features made the job easier and changes at some point were essential to the progression of Binzruz Ltd.


It was March 2016 when the preparation for the year-end tax return began, it was only then that it became clear the trailers were not as we had expected, with a repair bill for the previous 12 months of £16,000 it was imperative that we got to the drawing board. With this we could see that the costs came from wheel bearings shattering, unloader valves were getting changed 3 monthly, and pumps were breaking and failing on a monthly basis. Despite the high volume of work Binzruz Ltd consumed, the trailers should have been able to withstand the workload. July 2016 came and we finally got a chance to look at things clearly. It was obvious, the trailers were too heavy hence the bearing issues, the filters weren’t doing their job which was resulting in blocked pumps and continuous change of unloader valves. It was at this point in 2016 Ryan began to study his notes, and began to get the wheels in motion for his idea he had considered launching in 2017 ‘The Binzruz Aquatek range’.


With the plans all pretty much established and finalised, further realisation showed that previous machines and current machines on the market were very agricultural and severely overpriced. Having spent months at a time over the previous 3-4 years searching the internet and travelling thousands of miles over the years paying over the odds, for machines that proved to be more costly than anything else. So there we had it, official plans for a ‘Binzruz Aquatek Mk1’ however due to a change in circumstances Ryan was in need of a new engineer, it didn’t take long to find a team of fantastic engineers based in North Yorkshire. They were passionate, highly skilled and offering a sense of a modern twist to the needs of the industry. Ryan felt confident that with his gained knowledge and the engineer’s skills we could take the industry by storm and create a simple, affordable, effective yet practical machine. We launched the final MkI production in June 2017 which boasts an impressive 450ltr water tank, large 2ft sink, 4 stage filtration, and so much more (see spec) the MkI’s main aim was to be affordable and offer someone like us who started out with a budget of only £8,000 to be able to make their business dream a reality. We felt there was a gap in the market for a simple manual machine capable of just domestic bins, with a weight assisted arm it meant no hydraulics were needed, so we could price this at a bargain price of just £7,500. The response to the MkI exceeded everyone’s expectation and within 2 weeks of its launch, we had people come to see it who admired its small compact design, simplicity and affordability. We were then approached by the NAWBW (National Association Of Wheeled Bin Washers) to become an approved manufacturer for them and the reaction we got couldn’t have been better. It was because of this that we instantly thought let’s launch our MkII in 2017 rather than 2018 as originally planned. We had aimed to leave a 12-month gap between the two machines. The goal for the MkII was simple, we needed to achieve the same reaction as the MkI, and little did we know that following our launch in December 2017 of the MkII the response was even better than that of the MkI. The MkII really did become a statement, offering 500ltrs of water, a 2.1ft sink (larger than MkI) integrated bin to hide waste, with a hydraulic lift for those experienced bin cleaners, or those who aim to do both domestic and commercial bins. We had people from all over the UK come to see the MkII. One company stands out to us who said: “I’ve always been interested in trailers for wheelie bin cleaning but I’ve never seen one that stands out in its capability until this one was created”. It was at this point we knew we had exceeded ours and everyone else’s expectations, we are already looking into new ideas for future trailers and for us at Binzruz Aquatek, there is no finish line!

Please see below the original prototype Binzruz Ltd had built prior to their Binzruz Aquatek range in 2013.